Jazmin Luv, Skyler Storm – Stepdaddyed

Jazmin Luv, Skyler Storm

While playing a computer game with her buddy Skyler Storm, Jazmin Luv remarks that her new step dad is quite attractive. Just before Skyler plays a practical joke on him by putting his trousers down, she even says that she would love for him to be her daddy. Jasmin then follows him into the laundry room where she grabs hold of the enormous cock and gets fucked on the washer.

Kendra Sunderland, Kayley Gunner – Employee Of The Mouth

Kendra Sunderland, Kayley Gunner

Since the company had a poor quarter and he had tried everything to keep Kendra Sunderland and Kayley Gunner’s jobs, the manager wanted to see them because there was no money left to pay their bonuses. These busty blonde whores don’t want to split the bonus money that he has available for only one bonus. They both immediately showed their big natural tits after hearing that, reminding their boss about all the difficult work they do before they had a threesome.

Chanel Camryn – Cumming With The Marriage Counselor

Chanel Camryn

In an effort to save their marriage, Chanel Camryn and her husband go to a marital counsellor. He truly can’t trust her anymore because it appears that she is a nymphomaniac who wants to fuck any male she comes into contact with. When her spouse wasn’t looking, this blonde slut repeated the same thing her husband has been complaining about on this marriage counsellor by flashing him her ass and her pussy.